Our Process

Design is what we do best.

The Ponton Interiors Team is confident in bringing your design desires to fruition.
Here’s a bit more about what it looks like to work with us:

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Step 1: Schematic Design

This is where the genius begins. Depending on which service you select, our team will work with you to help create the best solution to your design problem. By coming up with an overall schematic, you can begin to visualize how the pieces and parts of your project will come together. This step lays the groundwork for a successful project. Client intake questionnaires and interviews are the key to understanding your needs and the wishlist for your home. From there we can build a truly inspired design.

Step 2: Design Development

This is where your hopes and dreams start to take shape! After we have identified a schematic, we begin to select products and materials. For new construction projects we take a holistic approach that includes the architecture, landscape design, HVAC and electrical layouts, and the overall design style that is appropriate for the home. Samples are ordered and mood boards come together. Budgets and timelines are put into effect to begin the heavy lifting! We scale this project for Design on Demand to suit each individual project. The vision starts to come together.


Step 3: Construction Documents & What to Expect

The Ponton Interiors Team wants to ensure you know exactly what to expect when it comes to construction, installation and redesign of your space. We create detailed construction documents that allow for empowered communication with your contractor and our vendors. We will go over all the nitty gritty with you and make sure you know what’s involved!

Step 4: Construction, Administration & Furniture Procurement

Our team will meticulously handle all the details that go into making a design come to life. We will be the project managers of your space, managing timelines, communicating with contractors and assessing delivery dates. We will be your point person on tough decisions and your advocate in communications with the multitude of people that come together to make a new home. Orders are placed for furniture based on the timelines for delivery that we have identified.

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Step 5: The Big Reveal!

This is the moment we have all been waiting for! We will install every last item and take the utmost care with detailing your home. From furniture, area rugs, and art, to the last accessory on the shelf, we will carefully curate your space. We truly want you to walk in the door on reveal day and be amazed and astounded. Cue the dramatic music. Pop the champagne. B.Y.O tissues (just kidding, we will provide those too). And because this it the time your home is all dressed up with nowhere to go, we may ask to schedule a photoshoot around this time.

Step 6: Walkthrough and Punchlist

As your project wraps, we will schedule a final walkthrough of the space to resolve any outstanding to-do’s or fixes. If product needs to be replaced, adjusted or fixed, we will coordinate the best solution with you.